Well Done Lab Use Low Temperature Circulating Cooling Chiller

Well Done Lab Use Low Temperature Circulating Cooling Chiller


It uses a compressor for refrigeration and conveys cold bath fluid to other devices by the pump. This Circulating Pump is usually used to cool down tubes or flasks which need to store solvents or carry on reactions under low-temperature condition; or cool down packaging machine, testing machine, coating machine, freezing process clamp, cooling mould, fine grinding machine, EDM device, chip cleaning device, etching machine, laser machine; or work with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven or water jet circulating vacuum pump.




    This is our DLSB-5/10 lab cooling chiller. Our chiller capacity from 2L to 100L. and the low temperature includes -10℃, -20℃,-30℃.......  -120℃。 Please tell us your details request. 


    Model DLSB-5/10 DLSB-5/20 DLSB-5/30
    Volume(L) 5 5 5
    No load min. temp.(℃) -15 -24 -33
    Cooling Capacity(W) 1328-319 1328-319 2733-602
    Flow(L/min) 20 20 20
    Lift(M) 4~6 4~6 4~6
    Coolant temp.(℃) -10~room temp. -20~room temp. -30~room temp.
    Temp. precision(℃) ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.2
    Power supply V/Hz 220 220 220
    Environment temp.(℃) 25 25 25
    Environment humidity 60-80% Ventilation 60-80% Ventilation 60-80% Ventilation
    Length(mm) 500 500 545
    Width(mm) 370 370 370
    Height(mm) 540 540 640



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