DZF-6010 (10L) Vaccum drying oven

DZF-6010 (10L) Vaccum drying oven


Well-Done vacuum drying oven is used in the production of high-quality steel plate or stainless steel plate, strong anti-corrosion. Bulletproof double-layer temperature resistant glass observation window, make your observation work at a glance. The heat source adopts the built-in S type anti-riot resistance tube, which is safe and reliable. And the honeycomb type heat-conducting window enables the working space to heat evenly. The temperature controller is controlled by external high power silicon controlled, the trigger is fast, and the control is sensitive. Touch key regulator of double screen digital display panel allows you to set or more intuitive reading, the feedback value of on-off electrical signals generated by the work of the control heating element by using the built-in microcomputer processor, through the PID self-tuning (manual adjustment), revised parameters will automatically lock, the correct signal after processing the constant temperature in the set range, warm stamping with stable temperature error in the atmospheric and vacuum state is less than 1 DEG C

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  • Tech Data.



    Power supply


    Input power


    Temperature range


    Temp. fluctuation


    Vacuum degree


    Interior dimension(mm)


    External dimensions(mm)



    1 Piece


    Explosion-proof; LED light; more shelves


  • Intelligent temp. controller

    Description: The PCD-3000 temperature controller, adopt a double liquid crystal display, automatically adapt to the temperature control, no need control parameter adjustment, high control precision, and no overshoot.

  • The Controller Production feature

    External triac (heating power≦3KW)

  • The controller Technical parameters

    • Display mode: LCD display;
    • Temperature measurement range: Rt+10~250℃;
    • Time setting range: 9999 minutes;
    • Display the basic error: ± 2;
    • Sensor: PT100;
    • Working environment: supply voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 2HZ;       
    • Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 degrees ;
    • Relative humidity: < 85%RH;