500ml Hydrothermal autoclave / Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

500ml Hydrothermal autoclave / Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor


Teflon lined autoclave is used to make new synthetic chemicals under a certain temperature and 

pressure. It is widely used in new materials, energy, environmental engineering and other fields of 

scientific research and experiments, it is a small commonly used reactor used in teaching and scientific 



    Features of reactor pressure vessel:

    1. Made of 304 high quality stainless steel.
    2. Durable PTFE chamber(240℃,260℃,280℃).

    3. Safe Pressure: ≤3 Mpa.
    4. Stable sealing without leakage.
    5. Different sizes for you to choose(25ml-1000ml).


    Model KH-25 KH-50 KH-100 KH-150 KH-200 KH-300 KH-500 KH-1000
    Volume 25ml 50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml 300ml 500ml 1000ml
    Material Stainless steel 304 Shell, PTFE Liner                               
    Working Pressure ≤3Mpa
    Temperature Range ≤240℃/260℃/280℃(Top Temperature)
    Note Safe temperature is 200℃, The top pressure is 3MPa
    Heat & Cool Rate ≤5°C/min



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